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5 Things you Should Stop Doing with Your Express Shipping

I read an article on about things you should stop doing to yourself.

It got me thinking about express. So here is a short list of things you should stop doing…with your small packages and envelopes.

Stop shipping in the past: There are tools out there that can help you manage your day to day shipping.

Stop ignoring your express spend: It adds up quickly. Make sure you’re maximizing your savings. Rate shopping is a great tool to help you determine the best shipping method and price.

Stop giving up control: There are times when you need your package to arrive the next business day or maybe it’s not a rush and you can wait. The problem is that you may not have access with discounts to certain levels of service. You’re stuck shipping the way the carrier wants you to ship. Take back your control. A multi-carrier solution gives you access to multiple levels of service and pricing.

Stop paying for additional charges: Certain charges are a must – change of address, dangerous goods, oversized etc. Stop paying to keep your account open…yes, that’s an actual thing. Stop paying for extra pcs. Stop paying on a tier system…what you shipped last month should not influence this month’s pricing. Your entire shipping volume should determine that. A tier system is the bane of my existence.

Stop thinking that you don’t deserve service: Express shippers (small packages and envelopes) deserve service as well…and I don’t mean the automated kind. Your small package can be just as important as the full load or 40ft container coming in from overseas. We know that and we strive to make your experience with TotalShip a great one.

For more information on our express shipping app, email or call us at 514-763-2020

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