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TotalShip always strives to provide excellence to our customers. Our team is focused, dedicated and loyal. We are community shaped by the pursuit of strong ties and credibility, providing outstanding facilitations in all we have to offer. Integral to everything we do is our commitment to valuing our clients and staff. We continuously provide safe, reliable and cost-effective service through a strong support team of logistic associates.

TotalShip is a leader in supply chain solutions for the Automotive, Consumer, Industrials and Retail industries. Our expertise in these verticals has been developed through our teams years of experience, creating customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our core industries.

Our vertical proficiency is supported by a comprehensive range of services. We offer a range of customized technology solutions and best-in-class third party applications to help customers leverage data to better analyze, collaborate and optimize across the supply chain.

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TotalShip is a fully integrated freight and supply chain solutions provider. Serving customers in North America, across a variety of industries, TSL is dedicated to providing customized, engineered solutions that propel businesses to succeed. TotalShip’s business lines include FTL, LTL and Intermodal transportation management, warehousing and distribution, supply chain management, cross-border and customs solutions.

TotalShip’s professionals average more than 25 years of experience. Our leaders include engineers, technologists, transportation and logistics professionals in all relevant modes of transportation. Our team possess the expertise that differentiates us from the competition and enables our clients to make smarter supply chain solutions decisions. TotalShip’s deep management bench provides expertise, market intelligence and best practices to your ongoing business process resulting in sustained cost savings and optimized operations.

TotalShip implements a proven collaborative model to support your supply chain operations management

  • Fully integrated with your supply chain

  • Integration with your IT systems

  • Support experts for your business

  • Global Account Manager for each management project, providing an interface between the pilot and the transport organization

  • Product seasonality management

  • Industrialized transport planning

  • Management of customer service levels in terms of security, time, environmental aspects and traceability

  • Optimization of transport & logistics budget

FTL, etc.

FTL / Truckload

TotalShip provides FTL (Full Truck Load) services using our advanced transportation network throughout the United States and Canada. If you have freight to ship, you can count on us to get it where it needs to go. TotalShip negotiates significant discounts with our core carrier network. This means budget friendly truckload rates for you, our customer, whether you ship occasionally or in high volumes.


Warehousing & Fulfillment

TotalShip can provide you with storage, pick and pack and distribution capacity across North America. Our warehousing and fulfillment services focus on cross border freight and also act as a North American distribution network for international clients.

The advantages of outsourcing your warehousing and distribution requirements and only pay for what you use. We bring service efficiency and cost savings to all our customers large and small. 



Expedited LTL shipping allows you to meet strict and changing customer demands while keeping your business moving and lowering inventory costs. We provide scheduled daily departures and highly-competitive pricing for shipping LTL freight throughout the USA and Canada with transit times you can count on.

TotalShip can help you identify inefficiencies in your complex supply chain and match you with qualified carriers to ensure your freight is delivered on time, every time.


Supply Chain Management

TotalShip Supply Chain Solutions prides itself on innovative contract logistics, warehousing, distribution & fulfillment solutions that improve our client’s supply chain and reduce overall costs. Through an effective blend of lean methodology supported through innovative, state of the art IT solutions and robust quality systems, TotalShip Supply Chain Solutions delivers our clients significant cost savings.


IMDL / Intermodal

TotalShip provides a real alternative in domestic intermodal. We offer door-to-door intermodal on 53′ equipment to maximize shipping lane capacity, minimize costs and guarantee reliable delivery. Through TotalShip, it only takes one call for shippers to gain access to 53′ intermodal containers plus thousands and thousands of 20′ and 40′ containers for inland freight movements. Our leading-edge solutions make the transition from truckload to intermodal simple.


Cross Border

TotalShip makes cross-border shipping simple. Navigating the process of commercial shipping between the USA and Canada can be daunting unless using the right company. TotalShip has customs coordinators on staff and specializes in providing on-time, cross-border trucking and small package services, making shipping between Canada and the USA a worry-free endeavour.


Cross Docking

TotalShip provides quick, efficient and cost effective cross docking services. We unload your incoming goods, stage it, and reload it outbound for you. Whether it goes out in the same quantity it came in at, it goes out in different quantities at different times to different locations, TotalShip can meet your needs.


Customs Clearance

TotalShip specializes in cross-border shipments, always monitoring Government regulations to ensure compliance. Our customs partners will help you with all your cross-border needs.




Ryan Kunn


TotalShip's FTL services are consistent, competitively priced, and their team is easy to work with. We have many FTL providers to choose from, but we will keep sending our freight to TotalShip.

James Rowe

Commercial Sales Rep

I will attest to the great job that my TotalShip rep does for us on a daily basis. I have nicknamed him “bird dog”, because he in constant communication with both parties on every shipment! You will not be disappointed with TotalShip's services.

Danielle Erickson

Senior Purchasing Agent

It isn’t very often that we have vendors that go the extra mile, or even half a mile for us. I really appreciate all of TotalShip's efforts. Anytime a vendor provides information before we have time to ask for it, I just love it!

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