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No Fees, No Contracts & No Risks

There are many rating sites out there offering carrier discounts and plugins for ecommerce platforms. The shipper has never been in more control on what they pay and who they use.

But be careful out there. When you're dealing with a "Software" company offering rate shopping you'll be charged a monthly user fee, perhaps a per transaction charge and a yearly maintenance fee. Whatever you saved with the carrier you are paying to the software provider.

With TotalShip you'll have access to ecommerce plugins for Shopify and WooCommerce, a heavily discounted rate shopping tool and you'll also have access to a team of freight specialists to help you navigate through issues along with a support team on the tech side. We won't charge you any monthly fees. You only pay for the shipments you make. You keep all the savings. It's that simple.

Fine out more or 1-844-763-2020

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